The first Official Teaser

At the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, the debut exhibit of

Robert E Ball Jr's fine art photographic work was opened to the public.

These works are large scale images inspired by his movies and the unique cinematic worlds he creates.  

Each image is printed on a specially treated aluminum for an extraordinary brilliance.

Robert E Ball Jr has directed Bentley Mitchum

in three films.  Some would say Bentley is his cinematic alter-ego.  

When Bentley raised funding for his Western, "Judgment," he called up Robert E Ball Jr and asked him to shoot the film on location in Hill Country near Austin, Texas.

Robert also learned to ride a horse.  (I'm lying...)

Jamie Schwartzman of FLUX Branding interviews Director Robert E Ball Jr in his studio to get his thoughts on making Fashion Films and other branded entertainment.

For its 8th edition, the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival invited Robert E Ball Jr as a member of the Jury, as an award presenter and to screen the first Unofficial Preview for his new feature film, THE ONE : HORROR - CUPIDO - DIVINITAS.

Red Carpet Interview by X-Corps TV's Jessica West of director Robert E Ball Jr, actresses Tiffany Griffin and Kat Sheridan, designer Charmain Joie and composer Robby D-Tox


Red Carpet Interview by the Festival's own Tabitha Lipkin of Robert E Ball Jr, Tiffany Griffin, Kat Sheridan, Charmain Joie and Robby D-Tox.



Behind The Scenes...


La Jolla, California



SORCERER, of course, features Robert's favorite cinematic elements of fantasy/horror, dark wit and the erotic.  SORCERER stars Matthew Roberts (the alleged son of Charles Manson) and Gloom, who plays the Sorcerer he really is.

A scene  - or "Parable" - from THE ONE titled, SORCERER, premiered as an Official Selection at the 10th La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival.

In SORCERER, fashion is not "merely"  decoration, but instead acts as a nefarious plot-twisting character with a supernatural mind of its own.

A personal introduction to SORCERER.  


by Angie Andera


Eight Award Nominations at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

Best Picture - Best Director - Best Actor (Bentley Mitchum)

Best Actress (Megumi Kabe) - Best Editing - Best Costume Design

Best Creative Concept - Best Make Up

FASHION NEWS LIVE:  Tell me a bit about the inspiration behind the film. What made you want to tell this story?

ROBERT E BALL JR:  My new short fashion film, THE ONE 3 : HORROR - SEX - FASHION, is a prequel, of sorts, to the award-winning fashion film festival favorites, THE ONE and THE ONE 2 : RESURRECTION OF THE VAMPIRES.  Together, they tell a Faustian story of a man who, as he lays dying, chooses everlasting life as a Vampire (a somewhat perverted one, at that!) and then, along with his fellow vampires, seeks the Holy Grail of Vlad before they perish from their faithlessness.  The themes are timeless.  

A few selected scenes from THE ONE feature film were carefully assembled into a short film and invited to premier as an Official Selection at the 7th La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival.

As this was the third time for this unique opportunity, this short film was titled, THE ONE III - HORROR SEX FASHION.  It was quite an honor to receive eight award nominations in all major categories.  

Red Carpet interviews at the premiere of SORCERER.

The La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is one of the world's best according to Forbes magazine.

Robert E Ball Jr is a favorite director of La Jolla and is quite honored to have several of his films premiere there where he has won and received numerous award nominations.

"Secret Meetings" continued at the Toronto International Film Festival to plan the premiere, marketing and distribution for THE ONE.

-- A preliminary poster for THE ONE featuring actress Samantha Lynn.

Kinedimorae, the Milan, Italy, based production company has signed director Robert E Ball Jr of Los Angeles, California, for commercial representation.  

Making a film will have many challenges.  Getting the film to its audience adds to those challenges.  

The Festival de Cannes has always been a cinematic pantheon for Robert E Ball Jr so he took THE ONE as a work-in-progress to Cannes and the Marché for "Secret Meetings" to plan its premiere, marketing and distribution.

It was also announced that Robert was invited to screen the first Unofficial Teaser for THE ONE and to also serve as a Juror and Resident Artist for the 8th La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.  

Feature Film in Production


A twisted fantasy-horror romance about a Love from this world into the Other...  

Production is ongoing with shooting on location in the Desert, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo -- and on the REBMOPIC Stages in Hollywood.  Starring Bentley Mitchum, Monique Parent, Kristopher Logan, Samantha Lynn and Megumi Kabe.

A few words "live" from Cannes.

Poster Art for THE ONE III

Robert and Kinedimorae are excited to create new international films together.